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In early November (2010) I met someone who would change my life. Being newly single, of course my first instinct was to just on OK Cupid and meet new people. So one boring rainy Saturday night my plans had fallen through and I started up a conversation with this girl on OKC. She was trying to avoid going clubbing with some friends and invited me to come down to Seattle and grab a drink with her. At first glance of her profile, she seemed cool enough but I from her pictures, I didn't really think she was my type. But I figure, what the hell, a night out is better then a night at home.

When I got there and we met I have to admit I was surprised. She was much prettier in person. Most noticeably her eyes. I really couldn't get enough of them. She would later tell me that when she first met me that she could believe how attractive I was. Honestly no one ever had described me quote like she did. It made me feel so special.
We had a great evening talking and laughing about relationships. We didn't want it to end so she actually came back with me to Bellingham and stayed the weekend. Things moved very quickly and we pretty much fell for each other. I could go into great amounts of detail. But at this point, I almost would prefer not to.

Over the next few months we spent a lot of time together and I fell in love. Unfortunately I did this very quickly as I can be prone to do. I really can't help it though. When something like this comes along in life I know just how quickly it can turn and leave and I had to let her know. Naturally she got scared. But there were many other factors involved too. She had just come from an engagement as well and was not over him. I didn't want to admit it at the time, but I do have to believe now that we were rebounding with each other. I hate to admit to such a stereotypical pitfall, but there really is no denying how things turned out.

Despite all of this, I was truly and deeply in love with Ember. Everything about her made me want to be around her. The way she sees the world inspired me. It was a beautiful thing to experience while it lasted. But it wasn't ment to last and I knew it.

She would later tell me she just wasn't ready for a relationship while simultaneously using OK Cupid again. The hardest part for me was not knowing if I should just let go and move on or wait and see if she would change her mind. But I soon realized waiting for her was tearing me apart.

I finally decided I needed to move on. I still care greatly for Ember, but I feel we just didn't meet at the right time in our lives. It's sad, but it happens. I don't know what the future holds for us if anything. But at least I can safely say she changed the way I view Life, Love and Passion. She set my bar higher than it has ever been. I only hope its not out of reach for the right person.

I'm really bad at this :P

Okay, so it's almost been an entire year again since my last entry. So obviously a lot has changed. If I could go back and tell me from a year ago where I'd be now, I think I'd be dizzy with how different things are. That being said I'm going to try and summarize as best I can.

Honestly everything up til October of last year (2010) seems so meaningless in comparison to everything else that happend. I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could recollect it all, but it really just feels pointless. Its like a blur of grey in my mind that has no point anymore. So I'm skipping it :P

In October everything important to me just sort of starting falling apart. I got laid off from my job at Oysterdome. Since I wasn't really posting then I probably doesn't seem like much to mention now. But at the time it was quite literally my dream job. I finally had something to go to everyday I loved and got to be creative with everyday. It was great and I miss it immensely.

Somewhere around this time, my dad was having a lot of health problems and was in a nursing home. Things would only get worse later on. He took a bad fall and broke his back putting him in the hospital. Eventually his back was repaired and he would be in another nursing home in Bellingham until just before Christmas.

The cherry on top of all of this was Jen. In early October we decided to take a break for a couple weeks while we were each dealing with all of our life troubles. I had no clue at the time, but the next time I would see her would be the last we were together. She broke up with me the same week I lost my job. According to her, she had fallen out of love with me over the course of the last year and just hadn't been able to tell me until then. I was pretty devastated to say the very least. But it didn't take me long to realize just how good of a thing this would be for me. I really haven't talked to her much since that night. I sort of chose to leave and never look back. It sounds terrible, but at the same time I just can't help but feel I was made a fool of. Wasting my time and feelings on something and someone who didn't appreciate them of me. So I prefer to just move on from the whole situation. And that is what I have done.

The next few months were of course a crazy roller coaster. But I feel like the main factor in that is a whole different post which I'll be writing right after this. It will be titled Ember

Basically my current situation comes down to this. My ties to Bellingham have been severed. My new plan of action is to find a good job in Seattle and move there. Its time for a new chapter in my life and I feel thats where its going to be. Since the last time I started a new chapter was when I moved to Bellingham, I figured I should at least make a post and mark this. Maybe I'll start keeping up on this again. But honestly the last time I was doing this was to cope with a great change and a huge heartbreak. This time it sort of feels like paved road. I've made this adventure before. I grew from it and am much stronger for it. So really I don't feel I need the same outlet I did before. But I do like going back and reading it. Its a nice reminder of who I was which can be an easy thing to forget. So maybe I'll keep track jut for that reason. We'll see.


Moving on...

Well its finally happening I guess. I figure since I started this blog right about the time I was moving into my (then) new apartment, I should probably at least give a post as I'm finally preparing to move out of it. I've been in my awesome place for 3 fantastic years now. It has by far been the best place I've ever lived. I have so many crazy memories tied to it. I honestly can not imagine what it'll be like to not live there anymore. But all good things eventually come to an end, right? I'm really going to miss my apartment.

But its not all sad times and sour grapes. Aaron and I are going to be moving into Nate and Molly's place as they have just bought a house! Very exciting! Theres quite a bit I could go over right there but want to keep this short so I'm just going to keep it personal :)

SO, what does all of this mean for me? Well I'm finally going to go through all my shit, organize, pack it up and store it until it time for me to make the Big move to Canada. I'm talking bare necessities here. I've always been such a pack rat. I have tons of stuff that I pretty much refuse to part with. But fact is Nate and Molly's place is not huge and Aaron and I need room to live. So this just makes sense.

Its going to be so awesome! Coming up on summer, we will have the sweetest pad for hanging out opening the wall (garage door in the living room :) playing games and having a drink. I think in a lot of ways its going to be like living in a dorm, which will be sweet cause I've always felt like I missed out on that having always been in an apartment during college.

With the way the house is layed out, Aaron and I are talking about splitting everything right down the middle so we both get a bedroom and living area to ourselves. So whenever we want to hangout, we can just walk into the other's place as it were :P

Another fairly obvious bonus I think will be getting to actually live with Aaron. We sort of did it once when he stayed with me in Portland for a summer. That was a lot of fun. And counting that time, Aaron has probably been the only roommate I've ever had that I didn't want to strangle at some point. :P

The biggest advantage for both of us will definitely be the super cheap rent. We'll be paying half of what each of us are paying on our separate places now. So we'll finally be able to start saving money and paying off our insane depts.

So thats it. The wheels are in motion. I'm really excited and admittedly a bit nervous to see how this plan works out. *crosses fingers*

Drama Show

So this has been a crazy ass week for drama. Not so much directly in MY life. But practically everyone around me seems to be experiencing some troubling stressful situations. Its literally felt like living in the midst of a soap opera. Hearing shocking news from every direction and having absolutely no control over any of it.
Trying to help is about as useful as shouting at the glass screen while the events continue down their rocky path, completely oblivious to any input you might have on the situation.
No all you can do is be there while the events play out and hope that in the end the people you care about will pull through and be able to move on with their lives.

I've always hated the feeling of being helpless. Every time I see a problem my natural instinct is to find a solution and fix it. I don't like having to stand idle and let events unfold on their own. I suppose that the definition of having a control issue.
It's definitely something I've had to learn to deal with over the years. But its never easy. I often have to concentrate on just listening rather then inserting my opinion while people are talking to me about their problems.
So needless to say, its been kind of a rough week for me. Obviously its been Nothing in comparison the people around me going through their shit. But it literally hurts every time I hear what they've been going through and I know that nothing I can do will help. All I can do is sit there and tell them I'm sorry.

I really look forward to being able to look back at this rough time in everyone's lives and be able to say "That sucked at the time, but look how much happier we are now". I know everything eventually works out. It did for me, I know it will for everyone else too. I just have to stick around and let it happen :P
Good Luck guys :)

HUGE Long Overdue Much Needed Update

So I think its about time I try to get this blog thing rolling again. My life has been nothing short of hectic this past year or so. I'm sure I'll forget to mention a couple of things, but hopefully I'll remember the big stuff.

In November Ashley and Travis got married in Vegas and invited Jen, Aaron and I to come down and go to Six Flags with them to celebrate. Crazy Awesome good times ensued despite a few unfortunate experiences along the way :P

As of January 21st, Jen's Birthday, I asked Jen to marry me and she of course said yes :) We'd actually known for a long time we wanted to get married and a few weeks before we had even went out together to look at rings. Most of what we came across was pretty basic. But one in particular we found really stood out to both of us. So a few days later I went back and bought it.
I always really wanted to be one of those people who did something really elaborate a awesome when "Popping the question" But after I got the ring I was just too excited to keep it too myself. So the night before Jen's birthday as we were watching Lost, I asked Jen if she wanted her present and brought out the ring :D
We've still got a LOT of planning to do, but we're aiming to get married Next July (2010) and Honeymoon in San Diego in September at Comic-con :P

In March I FINALLY got a new Job after being unemployed for over nine months. It's a small family run advertising business in Lynden, WA called Mike French & Company. They mostly do advertising for "Auto Recycling Facilities" aka Junk Yards (a term which is considered borderline offensive in the industry :)
They also put out a publication call the Auto Recycler's ToolBox. I got hired on to be their Lead Graphic Designer. An experience I'm sure not to soon forget. In May they brought me along to Connecticut for one of the larger Conventions they attend annually to introduce me to the people they work with and to get a feel for the industry. I really had a blast. The best part of the trip by far was getting to know the people I work with better. It was definitely a welcome change of pace compared to my previous job at Grizzly where I just felt like an unappreciated cog.
Also, I was able to get Little Erin a part time Assistant job here as well. It's been so great having my little Sis as a fellow employee. We hardly get to hang out much these days. So seeing her as often as I have has been extremely Awesome! :)

Bend Oregon!
Holy Crap what an amazing trip! Nate's Parents have a kick ass cabin in Bend and every year everyone goes down to experience the breweries, snow and surrounding nature. This was to first year I got to come along and it was incredible! So many memories and experiences all crammed into a tiny 4 days. I can't wait to do it all again :D


This year has been CRAZY for people getting married!
First was Mr. Ben Bethea in June. Aaron and I went to his bachelor party in Gig Harbor at an AWESOME cabin. We soon learned that Ben has made a lot of friends in life that we really didn't even know. The evening was memorable to say the least. But the one event that I think will stick with me forever would be that night. The three of us were all a bit buzzed from the various drinks being made. We decided to get away for a little bit by taking a kayak out on the lake. The cabin's property sat on the edge of a canal that leads out to an open lake area. So as the three of us began climbing in to the kayak, it quickly became apparent that our combine weight was going to be too much as water begin to pour in and onto Aaron who had climbed into the front. Upon restrategizing the situation. I launched Ben and Aaron off without me. As began heading back to the cabin, I paused and thought for a second. I turned back to notice the neighbor's had a little boat. At 4am in the morning, I figured it wouldn't hurt anyone if I were to borrow said boat for an hour and return it before anyone would notice it missing. And so I was off. I caught up with Aaron and Ben and we spent some quality time out on the peaceful lake together under the stars.
The next weekend was Ben and Kristen's wedding and it was beautiful. Easily on of the best weddings I've ever been to. Jen and I were taking all sorts of notes :P
It's easy to see they are going to make each other very happy for many years to come :)


A little later in June, Jen and I got to see one of our Favorite Comedians, Brian Regan at the Mt. Baker Theater in Bellingham. He was hysterical as usual. We both had a lot of fun.

Which brings us to July :D
This year was the 5th anniversary of Team Tetris being in the Sedro-Woolley 4th of July Loggerodeo Parade. And being such, we figured it was probably time to actually bring back the Tetris pieces. And so we did! All 7! It took a crazy couple of days for building, but we got them done in time and had the biggest turnout ever with 15 of us storming the Woolley streets and bringing joy to all the small town gamers young and old :P


Kari and Garret ended bought a sweet little house in Lyman and had an awesome open house party. The grand tour Kari gave Jen and I was laden with many awesome ideas and plans they have for their place. I really can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm especially excited for their theater room :D
A bunch of Traci's family was there as well who I hadn't seen since New Years which made the event an even more special treat. But the highlight by far was Kari and Gerret's new Mastiff puppy, Ajax. SO ADORABLE! Big dogs make the cutest puppies. Just look out when they start drooling! :P

The following Wednesday Aaron and I got to debut our latest project at Trailer Wars IV. Earlier in the month our Friends Joe and Devon used us as extras in their trailer for a live action Zelda movie. We found out they were doing this as a submission for a local event start up called Trailer Wars. Each week a set of guidelines is laid out by the winners of the previous week. Anyone and Everyone can submit their trailer for their version of said film at the next months screening. Aaron and I decided this sounded like fun, so we came up with a script and entered "Road Trip From Hell" (the theme was Road Trip Movie :) We didn't win, but it was a lot of fun and we'll probably be doing more later on.

Later that same night we went to the Green Frog to catch Bearkat who was back in town. The last time she came through I had no idea who she was, but I instantly fell in love with her music. I downloaded everything I could find and put it on my iPod. Jen loved it too. So I was super excited to get to see her play again. The show was great, there were new songs and stories from the tour. It would be amazing to have that sort of experience. I can only imagine.
The highlight for me came later in the evening when during the show, they mentioned they needed a place to crash for the night. It didn't take me long to decide to offer them my couch. A few hours later, there I was hanging out with one of my favorite musical artists in my apartment talking about their trip, Bellingham, and anything else. I wish we could have had more time, but it was late and we all need sleep. The next day I pointed them in the direction of some B'ham highlights and left for work, still dizzy from the awesome experience :)

Next came J.R.'s wedding. I still can barely believe my little bro I grew up next door to is married (before me! :) It was the most... Unique wedding I've ever been to (or a part of for that matter) to say the least. It was all cowboy themed. I know, I know. I partly blame myself. I tried to keep him into cool things while I was still around, but after I left for collage, the town just sort of took over I guess. Country just seems to be all he knows :P ANYway, so yeah. Being the best man, I had the luxury of dressing up in Black cowboy boots, jeans and hat with a tux jacket, bola tie and a PINK vest! Sure, I totally made it look good, but damn! Needless to say, in order for me to agree to this, J.R. has promised to wear as much clown attire as Jen and I see fit at our wedding. He'll probably get away with just a red foam nose. But whatever :D

Aaron is now working as the PR person for WHAAM. A local NFP Music venue in Bellingham. So I offered my services to designing Gig Posters whenever he may need. I did my first a few weeks ago and had TONS for fun making it. I can't wait for the next one. Rumor is it will be for a Halloween Show! YAY! :P
&diamsGig Poster

This summer Kayser made the move down to Kent to live with Kat. ...Damn, 'lotta "K"s there :P Anywho, so naturally they threw a house warming party for all of us to come drink and to a lesser extent watch sports on TV :D As usual when ever Kyser is involved, there was an epic spread of assorted snacks and goodies. Those two make an awesome team in this department! :) I brought along my own surprise that I stumbled upon on our way across the border. A bottle of Crystal Head Vodka! I made everyone reluctantly gather for a straight shot of this magical drink. I must say, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. Didn't even need a chaser. Dan Aykroyd surely knows his stuff. Needless to say, I got PRETTY wasted that night for the first time in awhile. Good times! :D

And latest, but not nearly least. PAX!
The last couple of years I attended Penny Arcade Expo, I would chalk up as "okay". Decent convention experiences, but nothing overly amazing. This year by FAR blew all of that away. Straight off the bat, we attended all 3 days which I must say, is the ONLY way to go to PAX anymore. It was HUGE. So much cool stuff to see and do. And Swag galore! The most memorable experience the whole weekend for me was Riding Ruin. A mechanical Demon Steed set up at the Darksiders booth. I knew the instant I saw this monster that I had to ride it. I actually surprised myself by staying on too! I thought for sure I would get violently whipped off like so many before me. But on this day, I arose victorious :P
SO many other awesome things happened during our 3 days at PAX. But if I were to write about them all this post would probably become twice the length it already is. So I'm cutting off here. :)


There! All caught up! *Whoo*
Now I just gotta keep updating again.
Good luck me! :P

I'm an Artist! WEEEE

I recently started playing around with oil pastels in order to finish a painting I'd been working on for my mom for damn near almost a year. I also made a painting for my dad. After getting used to the medium again I pretty much fell in love the effects I was able to achieve by blending the pastels with my fingers. Since then I've started making paintings of Video Game characters and putting them up in the Game store that Jen works in just to see if they got any attention. Yesterday they had a Christmas sale. I was really surprised how much I overheard people talking about them. I was even more surprised when one in particular started getting quite a bit of buzz. After being bought by a friend of Brian's many people started asking if there would be more.
Needless to say I'm pretty damn excited. I can't wait to see where all of this goes. I'd love to just keep making these fun paintings and selling them. I never really thought I'd be comfortable with the idea of selling off original art pieces like this. But having crossed that bridge now, I think I'm more flattered with the idea that people like something I've made enough to hang it in their home. :-D

Bob-omb by ~Flash321 on deviantART

Moogle by ~Flash321 on deviantART

Black Mage by ~Flash321 on deviantART

WoW! It has been a LONG Time!

I guess after I lost my job, I lost the usual time I had to ponder and write things out as well.
Many cool things have happened since then that I'd usually write off the wall about. Went to see the Foo Fighters, I've seen tons of movies this summer I could review, I fucking went to COMIC-CON!!
Yet still, this general post will have to do for now. Being unemployed just seems to take up more free time then I'd ever imagine.
Heres a couple new cool things though!

Vantage Comics



Oh Uwe Boll, is there anything you can't fuck up?
Thats right, the video game movie director everybody loves to hate has done it again. I must say, I was actually surprised at how bad this was. Seriously, I went into the movie fully expecting it to suck hard balls! I've seen the kind of movies Uwe Boll makes. But this time I really thought he had finally taken on something he could handle. I mean this movie pretty much required one thing. A gun toating psychopath laying waste to everything he sees. And even with a premiss THAT simple, Uwe Boll fell flat on his lame ass wanna-be directing face. Instead he decided to have about 5 different plot lines flail around aimlessly for an hour and a half, then when it was obvious there would be no satisfying resolution, he (literally) nukes the whole thing.
I will admit, although few and far between, the movie does have its moments. There are actually some genuinely funny, edgy and WAY over the top parts that ALMOST make the movie worthwhile. But are soon there after buried under tons of mindless, boring, nonsensical plot shit.
Zack Ward, despite given very few chances to shine, is Damn hilarious! Even in a shit heap of film such as this, he puts in his all, whether kicking ass or goofing around. I really hope he is recognized for his efforts. He deserves to be considered more than just a 3rd rate actor at this point.
At the end of it all I really don't think it can be considered too surprising that Uwe Boll once again has failed at delivering anything worthwhile here. If you are like me, just wanting to watch out of sick curiosity, just wait and rent it. Its really not worth tracking down at one of the handful of theaters its playing at. Otherwise, as per usual with Boll's movies. Avoid at all costs! :-P
1 Kitty Silencer out of 5
Weak Sauce Uwe, Weak Sauce!

Zelda Guitar Hero

Check out this sweet Zelda themed Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitar Aaron and I made.
Bid on it if you love it :-D