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In early November (2010) I met someone who would change my life. Being newly single, of course my first instinct was to just on OK Cupid and meet new people. So one boring rainy Saturday night my plans had fallen through and I started up a conversation with this girl on OKC. She was trying to avoid going clubbing with some friends and invited me to come down to Seattle and grab a drink with her. At first glance of her profile, she seemed cool enough but I from her pictures, I didn't really think she was my type. But I figure, what the hell, a night out is better then a night at home.

When I got there and we met I have to admit I was surprised. She was much prettier in person. Most noticeably her eyes. I really couldn't get enough of them. She would later tell me that when she first met me that she could believe how attractive I was. Honestly no one ever had described me quote like she did. It made me feel so special.
We had a great evening talking and laughing about relationships. We didn't want it to end so she actually came back with me to Bellingham and stayed the weekend. Things moved very quickly and we pretty much fell for each other. I could go into great amounts of detail. But at this point, I almost would prefer not to.

Over the next few months we spent a lot of time together and I fell in love. Unfortunately I did this very quickly as I can be prone to do. I really can't help it though. When something like this comes along in life I know just how quickly it can turn and leave and I had to let her know. Naturally she got scared. But there were many other factors involved too. She had just come from an engagement as well and was not over him. I didn't want to admit it at the time, but I do have to believe now that we were rebounding with each other. I hate to admit to such a stereotypical pitfall, but there really is no denying how things turned out.

Despite all of this, I was truly and deeply in love with Ember. Everything about her made me want to be around her. The way she sees the world inspired me. It was a beautiful thing to experience while it lasted. But it wasn't ment to last and I knew it.

She would later tell me she just wasn't ready for a relationship while simultaneously using OK Cupid again. The hardest part for me was not knowing if I should just let go and move on or wait and see if she would change her mind. But I soon realized waiting for her was tearing me apart.

I finally decided I needed to move on. I still care greatly for Ember, but I feel we just didn't meet at the right time in our lives. It's sad, but it happens. I don't know what the future holds for us if anything. But at least I can safely say she changed the way I view Life, Love and Passion. She set my bar higher than it has ever been. I only hope its not out of reach for the right person.